An accessible central location with adequate parking, quiet spaces for focused work, and the ability to expand programs.

Meeting Space

Flexible meeting space for up to 216 people to meet more needs, and Community Conference Center for larger venues.



Teaching kitchen for adult and youth cooking and nutrition classes, food preservation classes, demonstrations, and sample preparations.



A place for hands-on workshops and competitive events in the teaching kitchen, meeting areas and outdoor spaces.


A showcase for Clackamas County’s productive forests and wood product industries through a state-of-the-science, all-wood building, using the best of today’s construction technology and energy efficiencies.



A teaching greenhouse, Outdoor Education Pavillion, and learning areas, including landscape and demonstration gardens, wetlands and environmental areas.

Master Gardeners

A welcoming space for community members coming in to seek gardening advice and participate in educational programs, as well as an expanded Master Gardener public clinic, library and diagnostic lab for samples and analysis.

Advanced Wood Technology

Constructed with advanced wood technologies,  including cross-laminated timber, mass plywood, and laminated wood beams. Advanced wood technology requires less energy and produces less air pollution than either steel or concrete.

Front lobby with public meeting areas and easy access to office staff.

Second floor offices with exposed cross-laminated timber design.

Teaching kitchen for food preservation and cooking classes.

Master Gardener public clinic, library and diagnostic lab.